Student Trustees

The Student Trustee is a member of the Algoma District School Board of Trustees and as such is part of the deliberations and decision-making of all matters brought before the Board. Some critical responsibilities of the Student Trustee are to represent the interests of students during deliberations of the Board of Trustees and to communicate Board decisions to system students. There are two positions for Student Trustee. Elected by a special Student Trustee Election each Student Trustee has a standing position on the Student Senate. The two Student Trustees are expected to set the agenda and take minutes as well as co-chair the Student Senate. These meetings are held once a month. As well, Student Trustees are expected to provide updates to the Senate on Board directions, policies and ​activities.

In the spring of each school year the Algoma District School Board begins accepting applications for Student Trustee elections.   There are two positions available and interested candidates are to apply by filling out an application form and submitting it to their school's Vice Principal or Principal before the deadlines.

Students can download an application form and a description of the Student Trustee Role above.

Application packages will be reviewed by the Board Leadership Team.  Applicants who are short-listed will be asked to present an Election Speech at a Student Senate Meeting, at which time Senate will vote.

For more information (705) 945-7111.



We are pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for the position of Algoma District School Board Student Trustee.  Please review the material (below) for all you may need to know about applying to become the Student Trustee for 2018/2019 school year.