School College Work Initiative

Get a jump start on College by exploring the School College Work Initiative (SCWI) at Sault College. You will earn a high school and a college credit by completing courses.  Check out the course offerings. 

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School College Connection Program
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Dual Credits 
Grade 11 and 12 students have opportunities to participate in dual credits which provide them with an opportunity to earn both a college credit and a non-compulsory secondary credit. This opportunity will enhance a student’s educational experience by providing opportunities for career exploration and supporting a student’s successful transition to college. Please check with a Guidance Counsellor for more information on dual credits. 
Articulation Agreements 
ADSB and Sault College have negotiated articulation agreements for specified secondary courses. Sault College will grant a college credit to all ADSB students who successfully (60%) complete these Ontario Secondary School courses. 
Level 1 Apprenticeship Opportunities 
ADSB and Sault College have negotiated an agreement to offer Level 1 Apprenticeship training to senior secondary students in Hairstyling, and Cook. The Cook program is offered Semester 1 and Hairstyling runs Semester 2. Students spend the semester at Sault College earning dual credits and their Level 1 Apprenticeship designation through our Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP). Please check with a Guidance Counsellor for more information on Level 1 Apprenticeship Opportunities.