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Benefits to Students and to Employers

How do students benefit from OYAP?

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Through OYAP students can:
• begin a career in a skilled trade while in high school;
• develop trade related competencies and accumulate hours toward a skilled trade;
• make important connections in the world of work;
• increase opportunities for employment and post-secondary education;
• enter the work place directly after high school completion in careers with a future;
• reduce post-secondary education costs by earning while learning;
• earn coop credits for work experience placements in either half or full day placements;
• enrich school courses through trade related experience.
 How does the employer benefit?
• employers can build a readily available pool of young, motivated people to fill current and future vacancies;
• directs good, young people to the skilled trades at an early age;
• it is a cost effective way to identify and train young people who have an aptitude, interest and commitment to training in a skilled occupation;
• creates more public awareness about your skilled trade;
• each OYAP student is provided with a strong support system to enhance success;
• there is a cost reduction in wages while the student is learning. The employer benefits from the gradually increasing performance and productivity of the student;
• the exchange of information and expertise. When schools and employers team up, students can better understand the link between program and workplace learning. When students make a successful transition from school to work our society and our economy benefit.