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Safe Drinking Water Report

The Algoma District School Board is mandated under Ontario Regulation 243/07 to provide safe drinking water to students by testing for Lead in Drinking Water.

To comply with the regulations, the Algoma District School Board has installed automatic water flushing devices at all schools to ensure that a consistent volume of fresh water is flushed through the system prior to students arriving at school.  The automatic flushing ensures that the system within a building gets completely flushed out, removing residual lead levels from the piping. In addition, manual daily flushing of individual consumption points (ie. fountains) also occurs, so these combined actions significantly lower or totally remove any lead concentration within the drinking water systems.

Annual testing/monitoring programs have been established to comply with the current Ontario Regulation 243/07, which requires less than 10 micrograms per litre.  Procedures have been put in place that address lead concentration exceedances should they occur and to prevent consumption of the drinking water at the specific location until the exceedance is resolved.  This includes closing and bagging the affected fixture.

Exceedances and Resolutions will be posted here on our website.